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Another Lesson In Jew Tactics

This was recorded on October 17th, before Mike announced that he was pulling the plug on TruTube, on account of people "trolling" poor little Andre.

Is The Jewish Media Trying to Spark a RACE WAR?


Before I say what I think is going on, let me state something right out of the gate: You’ve been lied to all your life. The media has ceaselessly worked to keep us White people in the dark all our lives as to who are the ones really getting victimized. It’s us White people who are violently assaulted and murdered by criminal blacks on a constant basis.

Plus, we got to hear them screaming about us Whites being “racist” 24/7, after all we do to help blacks in the world. Just stop and think about things. How about us going over to Africa and Haiti and spending taxpayer money, donations from White people in all walks of life and even risking our GD lives helping this filthy race everywhere?

God, White people have tried and tried AND TRIED, haven’t they? Cripes, what more do we got to do for this lousy race? I mean, really. It’s enough to make anyone with half-a-brain furious as all hell!
This weekend blacks are once again going haywire, this time in St. Louis, Missouri, right next door to Ferguson, where they spent two weeks this past August screaming bloody murder and looting — as blacks always end-up doing — over Michael Brown, a giant-sized gangsta wannabee, who clearly had it coming when him and his homie attacked a lone White cop. Evidence suggests any cop — of whatever race

— would have been forced into putting down that big angry gorilla running at him full-tilt gonzo.
It is now quite obvious, that the anti-White, anti-Christian US media is working to spark more racial conflict between Whites and blacks. Every time you turn on the TV these days, you see the media putting out some recent video of White cops doing something bad to blacks — a criminal race who fully deserves getting “profiled.”
All kinds of militant blacks are getting trotted out on TV, like this crazy freak on CNN. She practically had an on-air spitting fit at the least suggestion the White cops were not to blame. These "people" are simply nuts.
All kinds of militant blacks are getting trotted out on TV, like this crazy freak on CNN. She practically had an on-air spitting fit at the least suggestion the White cops were not to blame. These “people” are simply nuts.

One story this past week was over a black guy in the front seat of a car who refused to simply exit the vehicle and/or provide legitimate ID (why they have problems with having ID is ridiculous). He kept the cops at bay for a full 13 minutes as his “poor family members cowered in the car” while surrounded by “evil White cops.”

When he reached into the back seat to retrieve some kind of paperwork relating to who he was (probably his parole papers), cops busted in the window with a door breaching device and tazed his sorry black ass. The cops had no idea what he was doing — he might have been trying to get to a firearm or they were simply just tired of dealing with the punk.

Cops have to be constantly on guard when it comes to violent black males, even with family members close by. Hell, maybe even more so. There’s no telling what might happen with this crazy race these days.
Indeed, Obama’s sons will shoot you, stab you, smash you in the head with just about anything big and convenient — in a split second from out of the blue. Hell, they do this all the time. Folks: This is one crazed, crime-prone race. Even black women often go completely haywire at the least affront.
The news show, ABC “World News Tonight” (controlled by dual citizen of Israel, Stanley Gold), immediately put the video out on the dinner time national news the very day it came out. As usual, they acted like the White cops were all to blame and the poor little blacks never did anything wrong.
After trying to find out what three suspicious blacks were up to while patrolling a neighborhood, a White off-duty cop (working as a security guard) was confronted and attacked by Vonderrit Myers, above. Mug shot from an earlier crime, of course.

The crap going down in St. Louis this weekend as we speak, is over a black criminal, Vonderrit D. Myers, Jr. who shot at least three times at an off-duty cop before his stolen pistol jammed (stupid blacks are notoriously poor with the upkeep of White-invented mechanical devices). The cop justifiably returned fire, killing him and saving the taxpayer tons of dough later, when the gangsta was eventually incarcerated for a crime of some sort.

Of course, the black punk’s parents said he was unarmed and that their promising young son was merely eating a sandwich when the cop came along and decided to shoot him. I shit you not.
“This here was racial profiling turned deadly,” angrily sputtered state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis democrat. Yeah, so what if it was racial profiling? Myers and his gangsta homies were obviously up to no good in that neighborhood late at night, and tried to flee as soon as the cop drove by. Of course, Mr. Jamilah Nasheed is black. Nasheed also lied, saying the White cop shot the punk in the back of the head while he was kneeling in prayer (I double shit you not), even though the coroner’s report fully backed up the cop’s story.

Blacks are totally self racist when it comes to them, always acting like they are ever so sweet and innocent, while us Whiteys are always evil. You see this all the damn time — hell, just turn on the GD TV set and you’ll get racist black talking heads saying that on every news show out there.

St. Louis is right next door to Ferguson and is a hotbed of crazy violent apes, who commit crime and kill Whites all the time. I, myself, once stupidly took a late night walk in an area of this city dangerous as hell for White people. The next day a local seriously told me I was lucky to still be alive. Then again, that’s probably true pretty much anywhere these days where blacks live in any numbers.
 No matter where you live, merely existing in today’s “brave new” America literally puts you at mortal risk from the totally out-of-control and uncaring black race.
Simply put, the black race situation is now rapidly spinning out-of-control. Decades of media brainwashing — actually meant to instill race guilt and abhorrence of racial pride in White people — has also turned blacks into raging militants, ready to accuse Whites of racism at the drop of the hat. No matter what we ever do, or how many we turn into heroes at work and in the media, will never be enough. It’s exactly like what happens when a child is spoiled rotten.
Combine that with black’s real propensity towards violent crime and utter mayhem, and we got ourselves some serious, serious trouble on the horizon.

But is the media trying to spark a race war?

Folks: We are already in a race war, whether you know it or not. Have been for decades as a matter of fact. The sooner you get that, the better.

Sure, it hasn’t been a shooting war — unless you consider all the many Whites murdered by crime-prone blacks over the decades as victims of a shooting war (it really is in a big way). But a whole different other race has indeed been at war for our brains. What do you think “PC” was really created to do? And that’s to intimidate us Whites into silence, while this other race brainwashes us ever so gradually into oblivion.
Look at how crazed young people get at the least sign of “racism” out of White people. The italized is the operative part — “racism” exhibited by any other race but White must be ignored. Even to point it out in other non-Whites will be called “racist,” if the one saying so is White.

Just stop and contemplate that degree of racial self-loathing and uncritical thinking exhibited by White people today. How did all that come about?

The answer is a media working for decades at keeping our race feeling racial guilt for just about everything in the past. Lies can freely be made, if it fits “the narrative.” They have even made it “fashionable” for our young to denigrate their own race. And Whites must also be kept in the dark at any criminal victimization done to our race in the present day.

But is the media now trying to jack up the blacks into attacking White people?
Certainly seems that way. Perhaps the string-pullers have long understood that “PC” can only go so far in their Agenda. At some point, the White race will hit a saturation level with brainwashing and after that it’s counter-productive. The next stage must be quickly brought into play before too much uncontrollable “backsliding” occurs.

“Forever revolution” has long been the plan by these commie Jews. We’re right at the cusp of the next stage in the Agenda.

What they want to do, obviously enough, is have black rule over Whites, yet still have enough Jewish backroom control. They first need to make all White policemen look as “inherently racist” and removed from the rank and file to “prevent racial intolerance.”

You might think they’ll have plenty of Jews around to use in police work for racial camouflage like they do in the media (by having white skin); but regular Jews usually can’t handle manual labor or anything too dirty and dangerous, like men in blue have to deal with on a daily basis. Plain-clothed, police state apparatchiks are much more to the devious Jew’s liking.

So they have to create the pretext for removing White police from front line duty at some point in the future. That’s what you’re seeing now. Should things turn ugly and violent so that White or black people suffer, so be it. Jews have always had zero problems with collateral damage to the Goyim — even to themselves if necessary for the greater good of Jewry.

Globalist Jewry is making a “withdrawal” on all their long-running efforts at PC and the “holocaust” over the decades to finally give them strong arm control over local populations in advance of the next stage — when things become ever more obvious — at least on efforts that could not be easily hidden on the Internet of today.

Of course, true free speech on the Internet will have to be eliminated and then regular Whites will have little way of knowing the full extent of Jewish subversion or the real history of these devious creeps. Internet censorship will be part and parcel to any upcoming “solution” of the “racist White cop problem.”
At this stage, they’ll see no problem using black racism to confuse White people. Fooled Whites will be all for any efforts at stopping black violence in the streets by whatever means necessary, even giving up true free speech for themselves. Multicult liberals already clamor for vigorous censorship of us “haters.”
Whites need desperately at this stage to realize what is being done to our race and have the guts to alert other White people before it’s too late.

Thank you.

European rabbis demand laws banning "anti-Semitic hate speech"

A group of rabbis is demanding that national governments across the European continent enact laws outlawing "anti-Semitic hate speech," which essentially amounts to any criticism, however mild, of Jews, the acknowledgement of Jewish power and influence in Western society, and/or challenging the officially sanctioned narrative of some of the most monumental events in history, including WWII and the events of 9/11. "Holocaust denial" is already illegal in numerous European countries, and a young man in the United Kingdom was recently sentenced to one month in prison for openly identifying a Jewish politician as a Jew and a Communist on Twitter.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

European rabbis called on governments throughout the continent to pass laws targeting hate speech against Jews.

The call was made in a resolution passed Thursday by the standing committee of the Conference of European Rabbis, or CER, which convened this week in Tbilisi, Georgia.

“We call on additional countries to follow the example set by France and Germany, and devise legislation that targets hate speech against Jews specifically,” CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told JTA Friday.

“It is something that few countries have but is necessary in light of the rise in anti-Semitic violence and hate speech, as we have witnessed this summer,” Goldschmidt said in reference to a surge in anti-Semitic expressions throughout Western Europe that coincided with Israel’s war in Gaza. [...]
Readers of The Realist Report understand that the organized Jewish community is the leading force advocating for tyrannical "hate speech" laws around the world, and for promoting and enforcing political correctness generally. The Jewish community is openly waging a war on all individuals' God-given right to freedom of expression and thought. The question is, will governments continue to give in to the tyrannical demands of the Jewish community, and adopt even more Orwellian "hate speech" and thought crimes laws?

According to the Anti-Defamation League, one of the most powerful Jewish organizations in the world, telling the truth about the nature of the Jewish people and the role they play in our world is fundamentally "anti-Semitic." The Jews are basically trying to criminalize telling the truth, particularly about them, their international agenda for world domination, and their fraudulent narrative of history and more current events.

There is nothing "hateful" with being honest about the nature of Jewish power and criminality. We have been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that any criticism or frank discussion of any issue relating to the organized international Jewish community or the state of Israel is somehow "hateful" or "bigoted" or "anti-Semitic." It's time we call a spade a spade, and recognize the true nature of Jewish power and the destructive and subversive role the organized international Jewish community plays in our world today.

Anti-Hitlerism: The Rise of Pure BS and Hatred

And so it came to pass that, in that beginning in that same year of 1933,  many of those “International Jews” fled Germany to their safe havens in France, England and America (especially New York City and Hollywood), and began a worldwide media campaign of “hate” and fear mongering, full of bogus atrocity stories, as I have also previously documented.  And I dare say, that campaign of “hatred”,  blatant lies and omissions,  anti-Hitlerism, and anti-Germanism continues unabated to this day! My saying so is not “hate speech”.  It is a demonstrable fact, albeit an uncomfortable fact for some, but a fact nonetheless.
One of the many self-described “Jews” who fled was the famous musician and self-described “satirist” Friedrich Hollaender.  I took the following video clip from the alleged “docu-drama” film “Hitler – the Rise of Evil” (2003) which you can find on YouTube.  But what I have highlighted here is probably the most historically accurate portion in the entire 4 hour film, which originated as a mini-series that aired in Canada on CBC, and it is a clear example of “hate speech”, which according to Canadian law is a criminal offence.

Dialog from the film:
Friedrich Hollaender: “Everyone’s depressed – bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret. German people don’t need democracy, for God’s sake, they need music, laughter, someone to tell them what to do so they can get in line and follow.”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Don’t tell me you’ve become a nationalist?”
Friedrich Hollaender: “I’m a satirist, Ernst. The most dangerous politician of them all. Speaking of humor, I’m going to hear Hitler tomorrow – would you like to come?”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “The anti-Semite?”
Friedrich Hollaender: ” The National Socialist anti-Semite. We call them “Nazis” just to piss them off. I hear he’s fascinating.”
Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Well, that’s very open-minded of you.”
Friedrich Hollaender: “You mean for a Jew, yes? I’m not supporting him, for God’s sake. I need new material!”
So, according to Hollaender, the word “Nazi” was a “hateful” term created by the self-described “Jews” that was intended to demean and to aggravate patriotic Germans back in the 1920s.  And it is still used today in common everyday speech in Canada and around the world,  to demean and disparage the Germans (including in the FRG) and to incite hatred against them, as well as, self-hatred,  based upon a pack of lies.  Moreover, it serves to stifle debate and to cover up the most heinous “war crimes”,  mass atrocities and oppression ever committed against a single identifiable ethnic group: the Germans.  And did not end with a supposed “liberation” in 1945 either, as I have also previously clearly demonstrated.  For those just cluing in, Hitler and the Germans also did NOT want war, had no aggressive plans against her neighbours, nor did Germany start WWII.  The rest of the world wanted  war, or at least, were convinced over many years of lies and omissions  that they must fight and destroy Germany at all cost.
Background Info on Friedrich Hollaender from an entirely mainstream source, written by Alan Lareau:

“Frederick Hollander was born in London in 1896 as Frederick Hollaender, the son of the operetta composer Victor Hollaender, who hailed from Berlin. When the family moved back to the burgeoning Prussian metropolis, the three-year-old boy became “Freidrich.” “

 “The war changed everything: the German monarchy collapsed and gave way to the short-lived democracy known as the Weimar Republic. In the 1920s, young Friedrich became the voice of the new Berlin and its climate that was politically so troubled but artistically vibrant–indeed, much of this creativity seemed to draw its energy from the social tensions of the day.”

[Berlin was epicenter of Jewish controlled and inspired Bourgois decadence, amidst a sea of desperate, unemployed, starving powerless and penniless Germans whose own currency was worthless, and where women and children prostituted themselves in order to survive. Those with access to foreign currency and with hard assets did exceedingly well at the expense of the desperate Germans ~ Ed.]

“…as an outspoken progressive satirist, a jazz musician and a Jew, Hollaender was for the Nazis a symbol of Weimar decadence and intellectual subterfuge. In 1931, he opened his own satirical cabaret, the Tingel Tangel Theater in Berlin, where he spoofed fashions and foibles of the day, including politics. A committed liberal and pacifist, he took a stand for reproductive freedom, women’s rights and economic justice, and he lambasted anti-Semitism and the rising Nazi movement on his tiny stage, while bloody street battles raged outside the doors.
["Progressive"? For whom? And by whose standards? Who attended his club and his shows? It certainly was not average Germans! ~ Ed.]

When Hitler came to power at the beginning of 1933, Friedrich Hollaender fled to Paris and soon moved on to Hollywood, where he arrived as one of the first German émigré artists on the American film scene and revised his name yet again to “Frederick Hollander.” He soon found a calling as a composer in the music department at Paramount Pictures, where he wrote immortal tunes for Dorothy Lamour (“Moonlight and Shadows”), Bing Crosby (“My Heart and I”), Connee Boswell (“Whispers In the Dark”) and many others. He also quickly achieved fame once again as Dietrich’s composer, writing more immortal film songs for the actress for Destry Rides Again and Seven Sinners. Those musicals featured lyrics by Frank Loesser, and Hollander’s other tunes of that period had words by masters such as Leo Robin and Sam Coslow, but it was to his own lyrics that he made his best numbers–again for Dietrich–in Billy Wilder’s A Foreign Affair (1948). In Hollander’s songs “Black Market” and “Illusions,” the cynical irony of his erstwhile Berlin cabaret background explodes in brilliant fireworks of wit and melancholy.
[Billy Wilder was another German/Austrian Jew who fled to the USA and into Hollywood and later became part of the American PsyOps team that created horror flicks, or so-called "documentaries", on location,  about German concentration camps in 1945 ~ Ed.]

In the ‘40s Hollander moved on to write background scores for Warner Bros. and RKO. His brilliance shines through in films such as The Man Who Came To Dinner, Princess O’Rourke and Berlin Express. For Columbia Pictures, Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) was a tremendous success, its music acclaimed as novel and brilliant; his score for the following year’s Talk Of the Town earned an Oscar nomination. Hollander’s greatest opportunity for a full-blown musical came with fellow Berliner Ernst Lubitsch’s 1948 operetta That Lady In Ermine, starring Betty Grable. Unfortunately, Lubitsch died after filming the musical numbers and Otto Preminger finished the work. In the early ‘50s, after Hollander had been working in Hollywood for nearly 20 years as one of its most widely employed film composers, a major musical film that could once more make his name appeared on the horizon: The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

Theodore Seuss Geisel’s basic premise of the project, the conflict between imagination and reality, was also close to Frederick Hollander’s heart. The Cat In the Hat (1957) is Seuss’s most famous portrayal of the violent intrusion of fantasy into the everyday world, but it had been a running theme in Hollander’s own cabaret songs as well. As an absurd nightmare, the story was a distorting mirror commenting on persons and relationships drawn from the mundane everyday life of the young protagonist. Figures from the opening scene–the boy’s mother, the plumber, the piano teacher, even the uncles whose portraits perch on his piano–reappear in new forms in the dream that forms the core of the story, and in this regard The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. has been compared to The Wizard of Oz. The closing joke, in which the characters discover inexplicable bandages on their fingers acquired during their dream-world adventures, is a winking homage to that formula.”

A shot digression with a few notes on Geisel aka Dr. Seuss from Truth Out:
Before many Americans were aware of the calamity confronting Europe’s Jews, Geisel drew cartoons that viciously, but humorously attacked Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. He bluntly criticized isolationists who opposed American entry into the war and who turned a blind eye to the rise of fascism and the Holocaust, especially the famed aviator (and Hitler booster) Charles Lindbergh and right-wing radio priest Father Charles Coughlin – both of whom were anti-Semites – and Senator Gerald Nye of North Dakota, an isolationist leader.

Geisel’s was one of the few editorial voices to decry the US military’s racial segregation policies. He used his cartoons to challenge racism at home against Jews and blacks, union-busting, and corporate greed, which he thought divided the country and hurt the war effort. But Geisel also got swept up by the country’s anti-Japanese hysteria and drew several cartoons, using racist caricatures of Japanese people, depicting Japanese-Americans as traitors to the United States.

In a university lecture in 1947 - a decade before the modern civil rights movement – Geisel urged would-be writers to avoid the racist stereotypes common in children’s books and opined that America “preaches equality but doesn’t always practice it.”

After the war, he occasionally submitted cartoons to publications. One 1947 drawing, published in the New Republic, depicts Uncle Sam looking in horror at Americans accusing each other of being Communists. It was a clear statement of Geisel’s anger at the nation’s right-wing hysteria. But Geisel devoted most of his postwar career to writing children’s books and quickly became a well-known and commercially successful author – thanks in part to the postwar baby boom. He was popular with parents, kids and critics alike. First came If I Ran the Zoo (1950) and Scrambled Eggs Super! (1953).”  READ MORE

[It is universally denied that he was Jewish, but his track record speaks otherwise.  When they say "Children's Books" one must read that as "mind control and indoctrination".  But even if not, who hooked him up with the Hollywood film mafia, and who gave him such popularity, and such power to influence young minds, and even adults in America and worldwide? Everything he did, said, wrote, drew,  was in perfect keeping Judeo-Bolshevism. Did he criticize Stalin? Did he poke fun at him? Or decry what the Bolshevics did to millions of peasant Christians ~ Ed.]

(Back to Hollaender) ” The composing job was an attractive challenge for Hollander: rather than just using incidental songs, here music would be integral to the plot and conception of the film. There would be huge amounts of scoring, running almost from beginning to end, with two ballets. Initial publicity reported that Hollander had composed an unheard-of 24 songs. It verged on “an unusual children’s opera for adults,” as Hollander called it.

The topsy-turvy brand of humor and caricature that are essential to any Dr. Seuss book found full expression in Hollander’s voice of comic distortion. Geisel’s barely masked allegory of Hitler in the figure of Dr. Terwilliker also recalled the Berlin satires of the Tingel Tangel Theater. References to the German dictator abound, for the film villain is a vain and “crazy” despot who rules by hypnotizing his subjects into blind obedience. His realm is a concentration amp surrounded by barbed wire and illuminated by searchlights, where armed guards salute with raised arms, and the children wear beanies of “happy fingers” signifying mandated joy. Beneath its colorful surface, this is a world of hidden cells and dungeons that are sites of sadistic punishment. At the climax of the film, the deranged leader cries out, “This is my day! Five thousand little fingers! All playing together on my piano! Every finger obedient to the whim of me, the master! Every infinitesimal, microscopic piece of living tissue of those 5,000 fingers cringing and groveling and trembling before me, before me!”
But the film ran deeper than an anti-Hitler allegory; after all, this was the 1950s and the defeat of the Nazis was history. Meanwhile, the atomic bomb (also reflected in the story) had become the more frightening specter. Geisel’s script worked this reference into an all-encompassing anti-authoritarian manifesto. His denunciation of those “who push and shove us kids around” echoed the motto of the satirical journal PM, for which he had once worked. The magazine declared itself “against people who push other people around,” which expressed the sentiments of the composer as well. Geisel and Hollander were kindred souls, and they greatly admired each other’s work on the film.” (Continues….)

And now …back to our film:  “Hitler – The Rise of Evil!”

Rotten Tomatoes says “British actor Robert Carlyle stars as the 20th century’s most infamous dictator in this two-part TV biopic. The film covers the life of Adolf Hitler from his childhood to his emergence as absolute ruler of Germany in 1934. Most of the ground covered should be familiar to history buffs: Hitler’s failed efforts to become a great artist, his frustration at watching his adopted country fall apart at the seams during World War I, his resolve to put Germany back on its feet by exploiting the nation’s horrendous postwar economic woes and its ingrained anti-Semitism, his 1923 arrest, the publication of Hitler’s virulent screed Mein Kampf, the growing popularity of National Socialism, and the fatal error made by senile German chancellor Von Hindbenburg (Peter O’Toole) to “neutralize” Hitler … ” blah blah blah

In other words it is a pile of barnyard droppings, lies, half-truths and omissions, intended to reinforce the “official narrative” of Hitler, National Socialism and World War II  that people world wide have been conditioned to believe and accept as truth, and to HATE since they first ever heard the name Adolf Hitler, or first saw a picture or video clip of him.  And this film might as well have been written by  Hollaender and his sidekick Dr. Seuss. It is definitely worth many rotten tomatoes!
MetaPedia states:
Anti-Hitlerism - The Rise of Pure Bullshit
J4G’s re-designed DVD jacket !
“Hitler: The Rise of Evil” as the title indicates is a piece of Jewish hate and lie propaganda”.
“It is a Canadian TV miniseries in two parts, directed by Christian Duguay and produced by Alliance Atlantis. It explores Adolf Hitler’s rise and his early consolidation of power during the years after World War I and focuses on how the embittered, politically fragmented and economically buffeted state of German society following the war made that ascent possible. The film also focuses on Ernst Hanfstaengl’s influence on Hitler’s rise to power. The miniseries, which premiered simultaneously in May 2003 on CBC in Canada and CBS in the United States, received two Emmy awards, for Art Direction and Sound Editing.

Historical inaccuracies:
The film’s primary purpose is to demonstrate anti-German propaganda.
The actor Robert Carlyle’s outlook and personality does not match Hitler in any way.
Hitler is presented in one scene to hit a dog. In reality Hitler never hit animal and was a known animal friend.
Hitler is depicted as a aggressive, crying, choleric man. In reality his environment reported him to be a friendly man with deep feelings …..”   (Continue reading here)

I concur  pretty much with them on all points and could add some others too. I am sure that some of my regular readers will chime in with their comments below.  But I will add that in terms of the casting, the people chosen to portray Hitler at the various stags of his life, and how they portrayed him, were creepy and that was by design.  I don’t believe any authentic speeches were used either. Some others have taken excerpts from this lousy film and it’s horrible Hitler caricatures, to somehow try and cast Hitler in a positive light, but it doesn’t work for me. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

The bottom line is, it is overwhelmingly one-sided bullshit that is intended to incite fear, hatred and revulsion, and NOT to inform and to educate. Canada and the publicly owned CBC should not only be ashamed of themselves, but those responsible should be hauled into court, charged and publicly humiliated for “willfully inciting hatred” and “spreading false news” and be made to apologize.  Some reparations to the German-Canadian community would also be in order.  Indeed, I wish I had a few dollars for every time the media has publicly used the hateful slur “Nazi”, that was created by hateful “Jews” as described by Friedrich Hollaender in the CBC  film, “to piss off” the  Germans.

Finally, as noted above, the film is readily available all over YouTube.  But no one EVER flags such films as “hate speech” or has them blocked or removed due to alleged “copyright infringement” as they do with more truthful films, such as those which I have uploaded, and which were later blocked or deleted.  Shame on YouTube!

4 Weeks in Jail for ‘Hitler Was Right’ Tweet

British lawmaker Luciana Berger was subjected to an anti-Semitic message on Twitter.
British lawmaker Luciana Berger was subjected to an anti-jewish message on Twitter.

A 21-year-old British man was sentenced to four weeks in jail for sending an anti-Jewish tweet to a Jewish member of Parliament.

Garron Helm pleaded guilty Monday to sending the offending message to Labour Party member Luciana Berger. In addition to the jail sentence, Helm was ordered to pay Berger $128.

The tweet, which called Berger a “communist Jewess,” showed a photograph of her with a Holocaust yellow star photoshopped onto her forehead and the words, “You can always count on a Jew to show their true colours eventually.” It had the hashtag “Hitler was right.”

Helm’s home contained Nazi memorabilia and a flag for an extremist right-wing group called National Action.

“This sentence sends a clear message that hate crime is not tolerated in our country,” Berger said in a statement. “I hope this case serves as an encouragement to others to report hate crime whenever it rears its ugly head.”



As some of you may know John was called back home to the Creator on the 23/10/2014

I used to speak to him Daily and we developed a close bond over the years he became like a father figure for me he was a Wise Brave selfless Man he reached a state of Enlightenment by Divine intervention as the same happened to me and many others around the world   

He was devoted to the preservation of our Race and a Future for White Children
And also that National Socialism was the Only cure to this problem we all face now

He as well as myself believed Adolf Hitler was an Angel sent down by the Creator to lead us out of Jewish Tyranny and Evil to construct a Heavenly Kingdom on the Earth in Alignment with the Creators Order

By being Devoted to Warning everyone around himself he saved his own soul  from Destruction

 i sent this quote to john a few weeks ago and he said he agreed with me on that 

 “Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level; and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and resist this ( Jewish tyranny ) at some level, is helping to create death, destruction and suffering.
Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity.” ~ Digger

Part of me will miss him here but i know that he has become a Spirit immortal which means you cant die

Only a few days ago i actually said you know what John im looking forward to leaving this World so i can traverse the universes he said im beginning to feel a bit like that myself Recently  

So what im saying here is for those that have found the Truth and become in Alignment with the Creators will

(Redemption) there is No Death its a transition like stepping out of a Car or Vehicle you see for us there is No Death we get to live on in a Higher Dimensional Reality the Heavenly Fathers Kingdom i can attest to this as i have been there out of Body and Returned i got to meet the Wingmakers who you know as the Angels

When we leave the body we reach a whole new understanding of All that is
the physical Dimension is the most Hardest slow and Difficult to be in   

But anyway i promised John i would continue where he left off if anything ever happened to him

Which i will do to the best of my abilities also we will be doing a Tribute show for John on Sunday with Mike Sledge so i will post the link or player as soon as i receive it

This was one of the shows we did about a year ago

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Japanese National Socialists Organize & Resist the Brutal Jewish Occupation

密着24時!日本のネオナチ – A Japanese Neo-Nazi
“Swastikas, Hitler worship and German marching music being blasted from a speaker…no this is not 1930s Germany, this is modern day Tokyo, Japan. Kazunari Yamada is the leader of the NSJAP, the National Socialistic Japanese Arbeiter (Worker) Party and one of the few real Neo-Nazis in Japan. Utilizing the internet, he is connected to Nazis from all around the globe. On weekends, he unites with members of the Uyoku far right groups to wage war on the streets of Tokyo against the establishment.”
The eternal common enemy Jews have not forgotten that the Japanese fought to free the World from the death grip of International Jewry. Japan was allied with National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy in the war that was declared by Jewry against Germany in 1933.
The eternal common enemy Jews have not forgotten that the Japanese fought to free the World from the death grip of International Jewry. Japan was allied with National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy in the war that was declared by Jewry against Germany in 1933.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Living in Hitlers Germany

A letter from Hans Schmidt of GANPAC 
Published in the Hoskins Report, Dec. 1993 
Richard Kelly Hoskins, publisher

You asked for someone who had lived in Hitler's Germany to tell what it was like. Permit me, someone who lived under the Swastika flag from 1935, when the Saar was reunited with Germany, to 1945, to give a short answer. 

To be a boy or girl at that time was wonderful. In the Hitler Youth the differences between Christian denominations or the different German states didn't count. We all truly felt that we were members of one body of people - one nation. Youth hostels were opened all over the Reich, enabling us to hike from one beautiful town to another seeing our fatherland. Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer (or authority) pressure. In peacetime, NO military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership; scouting yes. Incidentally, to "snitch on our parents" was frowned upon. 

At the very time when America's allies, the Soviets, destroyed most of the Christian churches in Russia and Ukraine, about 2500 new churches were built in Germany. NOT ONE Christian church was closed. It was the law that school and church had priority over service in the Hitler Youth. As late as the fall of 1944, the Waffen SS barracks in Breslau supplied two buses to take youth to either the nearest Catholic or Protestant church every Sunday. To be a registered member of a Christian church did not prevent advancement in the National Socialist Party. 

Germany was National Socialist, but free enterprise flourished during the entire Hitler years. No company was nationalized. No small businessman was stopped from opening up his own store. I myself worked during the war for a company that can only be called part of international capitalism. If you owned shares, nobody confiscated them, like the allies did in 1945. The accomplishments of the 'Nazis' were incredible. Starting without money and with six million unemployed (a third of the workforce), they constructed the entire German Autobahn road network in a short span of 6 years - almost without corruption - while seeing to it that the new road system did not unnecessarily destroy either the German landscape, or wildlife habitats and forests. Two years after the NS were elected to power, conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker's shortage in Germany. Germany was booming while Britain, France and the US were in the depths of depression. 

To help the workers get cheap transportation, the VW was designed and a factory was being built for their manufacture when the war started. Also, for the common people, villages of small single family homes were erected. The monthly payments were set so low that almost anyone could afford his own house. In Hitler's Germany there were no homeless; no beggars. Crime was almost non existent because habitual criminals were in concentration camps. All this was reported in the newspapers and was known by everybody. 

The German press during the Third Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today. The only taboo I can think of evolved around Hitler, and, during the war, there was a law that prohibited "defeatism". This was because of the negative role the German press played in the German defeat of 1918. 

It bears remembering that the 'European Economic Community" was first coined by the Third Reich government. I remember many articles, both pro and con about this subject. One should also not forget that during the war at least seven million foreign nationals (nearly 10% of the population) worked in Germany, either as voluntary workers (Dutch, Danes, French, Poles, Ukrainians come to mind), or as forced laborers or as prisoners. I know of no instance where foreigners were attacked or molested (much less killed) because they were foreigners. Speaking of the press, I have an article from 1943 in my possession that spells out how necessary friendship is between the German and Russian peoples. 

Between 1933 and 1945 there was a tremendous emphasis on culture: theatres flourished; the German movie industry produced about 100 feature films per year (of which not one was anti- American. Only 50 of them can be considered pure propaganda movies). Some the best classical recordings still extant were made in Hitler's Germany. Actors from all over Europe, but mainly from France, Sweden and Italy were stars in German movies. 

Germany always loved sports, and there was no lack of opportunities to partake in any sport one liked. The 1936 Berlin Olympics was merely a showcase of what transpired all over the Reich. In a book on these Olympics issued by the Hitler Youth that is still in my possession, Jesse Owens is shown several times and mentioned favorably. During the Schmeling boxing fights, we kids all knew of Joe Louis, the brown bomber. Nowhere did I ever read derogatory remarks about other races. Certainly the accomplishments of Germany and the Germans were given prominence, similar to 'the ad nauseum' statements of today that the U.S. is the land of the free, etc. In my ten years in the Hitler Youth (actually 8, since I obviously couldn't attend while a soldier), the Jews were never mentioned. Other sports that gripped our attention were flying (there was Hitler Youth flying training with their own sail planes), car races (British and Italian drivers dominated) and riding. 

Frequently I am asked about gun control during the Hitler era. Claims are made that Hitler could take power because he disarmed the German people. That is nonsense. In Germany gun ownership was never as prevalent as it is in America. I would say that for hundreds of years one needed a gun license in order to keep a weapon. On the other hand, my father owned an old pistol clandestinely (about which we children knew), and there were gun clubs all over the Reich. Furthermore, Germany was always a country with many excellent gunsmithsIt is doubtful that they could stay in business if the laws were too stringent. I would surmise that while Germany was Germany (before it was 'liberated' by the allies) gun ownership probably was far more widespread than is acknowledged today. Laws on the books were mainly to give the police a handle to arrest criminals with guns, not the ordinary citizen. Incidentally,just as Hitler had forbidden so-called 'punishment exercises' in the army (the brutal methodsstill employed in the American army), so had he forbidden the use of clubs by the police. He considered it demeaning to the German people. 

Finally this: I don't believe I'll ever see again a people as happy and content as were the great majority of Germans under Hitler, especially in peacetime. Certainly some minorities suffered: former parliamentary politicians - because they couldn't play their political games; the Jews - because they lost their power over Germany; the gypsies - because during the war they were required to work; and crooked union bosses - because they lost their parasitical positions. To this day I believe that the happiness of the majority of a people is more important than the well-being of a few spoiled minorities. In school there should be emphasis on promoting the best and the intelligent, as was done in Germany during the Hitler years - a fact that contributed after the war to the rapid German reconstruction. That Hitler was loved by his people, there can be no question. Even a few week's before the war's end and his death, he was able to drive to the front and mingle among the combat soldiers with only minimum security. None of the soldiers had to unload their weapons before meeting with the Fuhrer (as was required when President Bush met with American soldiers during the Gulf War). 

Germany under Hitler was quite different from what the media would have you believe

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Rotherham abuse exposed: Anti-European racism motivated exploitation, sexual assault, molestation, slavery and entrapment inflicted

Initially implicitly, in 1919 multiculturalism was insidiously instigated and logistically, un-naturally forced into being, stillborn as it is, through the culmination of prior decades of anti-democratic, organised political infiltration into the political culture, media circles, education system and the very top of government in the UK by foreign, mainly Semitic elements and racially-subversive ideologies: the case example of the atrocities within Rotherham perpetrated by Pakistanis and other non-European immigrants and the subsequent media suppression are the seismic quakes produced by that genocidal conception of multiculturalism (demographic-genocide through the artificial imposition of other racial groups into our homelands en-mass), the expose of Rotherham shall serve to annihilate all the decades of lies and façades of the degrading, denigrating, destructive and defiling weapon of multiculturalism.

Here is the truth: 66 years later in 2014 the horrific, organised and orchestrated crimes against our folk have been publicly revealed, the systematic defilement of our nation is illustrated through this one public disclosure, of the truth of this indicative 16 year long trail of 1400 systematic cases of enslavement and exploitation of members of our English folk that has existed for decades, fanatically concealed and suppressed beneath a malicious kabal of manipulative multiculturalists, anti-European Semitic supremacists and legions of Christian, Marxist and a controlled opposition, whose existences and self-deluding façades serve to do nothing more than reinforce stereotypes and prevent genuine action, intentionally collaborating in the suppression of and degradation of the truth, the truth of the suffering and crimes against humanity that have occurred almost exclusively against young girls of Northern European descent, English girls, our girls.

The Rotherham incidences of a racially motivated exploitation, sexual assault and entrapment abuse and the subsequent attempted cover-up over two decades exposed:
-Racially motivated exploitation and sex slavery atrocities occurred continually between 1997 and 2013 and were systematically covered up by elected officials, Pakistani and BME community representatives, Church and Council representatives, various local and national media non-reporters, academic demographic researchers, police spokespersons and investigators.

-In the period 1997 to 2013, the latest reports as of 2014 indicate the victim numbers to be in excess of 1,400 girls and an unspecified number of young boys, almost 99% of the victims were and are of Northern European ethnicity, primarily English, Welsh and Irish girls.

-100% of the prosecuted perpetrators are ethnic Pakistanis, 100% of the perpetrators who remain at large are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or other sub-Asian and Semitic ethnic origin. Dr Kurd’s report cites that there were also a significant number of Iraqi Kurds and (non-european) Kosovans participating in the exploitation.

-The entirety of the national media ignored the sincerity of the widespread nature of the abuse for over 25 years, early indications of racially motivated slavery and exploitation emerged around the 1990s. -30% of the victim’s cases were already known to child services which did nothing, on several occasions the victims were arrested for attempting to flee from their Pakistani abusers.

-The Labour party oversaw both the Rotherham and nearby Sheffield councils and various government departments during the entire period from 1997-2010 and deliberately covered up the systematic racially motivated assault, slavery, torture and sexual exploitation of English girls and a small number of young boys by an organised ring of Pakistanis.

-Statistically it is undeniable that several thousand Pakistanis and other non-European immigrants abused these estimated 1,400 (minimum estimate) young girls, possibly upwards of 14,000 non-European immigrants abused these children, if each child was abused by ten different immigrant abusers*.

*Note: the average number of abusers per prostitute (or sexually exploited, entrapped victim) is normally well above ten per person, if the ratio is comparable in this instance, the numbers of perpetrators who remain at large and are unaccountable for their racially motivated assaults within our nation undeniably number into the thousands, potentially into the tens of thousands, and this is just Rotherham… which is merely the de-facto over-flow town for Sheffield.

-The initial reports, investigations and witness statements of abuse were maliciously suppressed by Jewish media editors, Jewish and Marxist police officers and seditious defilement tactics by far-left groups, including the Jewish Board of Deputies (allegedly via proxy organisations), Searchlight (including key infiltrators within the BNP who by their association made it hard for any genuine researcher to present the same conclusions for fear of “sounding like the racist BNP”), Hope Not Hate, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the BBC, ITV and Sky media companies.

*Marxist elements in key positions in these political-discourse defining political media companies and subversive organisations established a political atmosphere from Westminster to Rotherham council within which any investigator into the self-evidently racially motivated child exploitation by Pakistanis was attacked and put under immense pressure to drop their investigation or manipulate the results to cover up what were at the time ongoing atrocities against our people’s children.

Any individual or group that dared to mention or even speculate about the anti-European racist motivations behind the widespread exploitation and sex slavery of young girls and even boys by Pakistanis was attacked and suppressed.

One investigator was even subject to diversity training after submitting a report on the subject, and was reprimanded with a course in attitudinal alteration in relation to race and was told “you must never refer to Asian Men [in relation to crime]” which verged on revealing the depth of the crimes and the complicity of the authorities in covering them up, including the police, council, children’s services, local and national media.

-2002: A quote from a 2002 draft Home Office report (that was never released) pertaining to child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham stated that there was: “a high prevalence of young women (White British) being coerced and abused through prostitution” by immigrants [Pakistanis].

*The shocking reality that this truth was known, clearly and distinctly by the Labour Home Office at the time shows the complicity the Labour party has had in enabling and de-facto encouraging the abuse of our women by primarily Pakistani immigrants.

-2003: “there are a significant number of girls and some boys who are being sexually exploited” [in Rotherham, by older Pakistani men]

“In Rotherham the local Asian community are reported to rarely speak about them [the Pakistani perpetrators]“: i.e: there was a Pakistani community wide cover up of their crimes against our English daughters.

“In the past, it had been for their personal gratification [through racial hatred and exploitation], whereas now it offered ‘career and financial opportunities to young Asian men who got involved’.”

-Dr Angie Heal, strategic drugs analyst operating as a case investigator commissioned by South Yorkshire Police.

-2006 Rotherham described by official report: “a [Pakistani] organised and established sexual exploitation scene” with 90%+ English (White British) victims.

-2006 report by Dr Angie heal into the Rotherham abuse, which was also suppressed.

-“It is believed by a number of workers that one of the difficulties that prevent this issue being dealt with effectively is the ethnicity of the main perpetrators [the police will not make arrests nor take seriously investigations against Pakistanis and other non-Europeans]…”*

*This is as a result of the political atmosphere created by fanatically anti-European racists in the media who suppress the truth which has the potential to awaken our people to the current reality.

-2010 “there are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships”*

-Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board report, 2010

*This report openly admits the malicious, Semitic dominated media and political establishment intentions behind hiding the abuse: which is to maintain the genocidal multicultural onslaught at all costs by preventing news of such atrocities from ever being aired.

-2012. According to the Times news company investigation (which it was forced to do over a decade after the initial reports exposing Pakistani exploitation), a confidential (politically suppressed and withheld) police report in 2010 sought to issue a warning that potentially thousands of child sex slavery cases were still ongoing and thousands had been committed by Pakistani men in South Yorkshire alone, which were not restricted to Rotherham (this has still yet to be publicly revealed, the current story has been limited to Rotherham only).

There is “a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females, particularly in Rotherham and Sheffield”

-Times report
*It is known that Pakistani and other non-European exploitation kabals have been and still are operating in an estimated 20 plus areas in the UK, with only a fraction of these having been discovered, as far north as Newcastle and as far south as Oxford.
-August 21st 2014 Professor Alexis Jay’s report also corroborates the fact that the judaized political correctness was elemental in ensuring the cover up, leading to the abuse of 1,400 primarily English girls and some young boys, primarily (99%) by Pakistanis: “ethnic considerations had influenced the policy response of the council and the police.”

There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone,”

“One senior officer suggested that some influential Pakistani-heritage councillors in Rotherham had acted as barriers” [against the investigation into their own ethnic Pakistani criminal community].

-Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013), Alexis Jay, August 21st 2014.

[Download the Full Report here by Professor Alexis Jay that finally and professionally pushed the atrocities committed by Pakistanis against our people into the national public media sphere]

-As of 2014 only 9 Pakistanis have been prosecuted, out of that number only 5 were convicted and that was as of 2010, consider that the average prostitution slave is used by over 10 criminals, that equates to potentially 10,400 Pakistani or other non-European criminals abusing English girls, and yet there have only been 5 convicted Pakistani criminals (the rest remain at large within the area and further afield). Right now you should be getting really, really annoyed, to the extent whereby you will learn the necessity of defending our people. The defence of our folk cannot be left to the complicit police, we must organise ourselves! We must re-take the entire political discourse and direction of our nations, otherwise such atrocities will only continue, and statistically Rotherham can only be a small section of a national exploitation system and sex slavery trafficking of members of our own ethnic population by non-European, primarily Pakistani criminals.

A significant number of our beloved Swedish Folk are also victims to the same racially motivated exploitation and no-doubt prostitution-slavery, in addition to a horrific overt rape rate, perpetrated by almost exclusively African and Asian immigrants AND their descendants. In the immigrant occupied suburbs of Stockholm immigrants are statistically responsible for 75-99% of all rapes.

Our Northern Germanic folk face the same threat for one reason: because we are facing the same onslaught, as a direct result of African, Asian and Semitic immigrants who are in our nations as a direct result of Marxist, neo-liberal, Jewish, neo-conservative and Christian bigots who are attempting to systematically defile, degrade and deteriorate our ethnic folk on every level.

Today those foreign infiltrators into the very political culture and power structures of our nations go by the same Semitic tribal names of Miliband and Roche, Spectre and Soros, from Finland to Australia their reach pervades, and this is what must be undone.

This is my task, this is yours also, it falls as the providence laden responsibility upon all of us, young and old, English or Swedish, to save our beloved folk, and to support and in return receive the support of other peoples in their fight against our common opponents who are attempting to deny and defile all our people’s ethnic, political and spiritual existences and identities.

From Göteborg to Sheffield, from Anchorage to Sydney, one fight, one ancestral alliance, many folk peoples is required to re-take our nations and to prevent the continued sufferance of our people at the hands of foreign elements opposed to our very existence.

The most effective feasible retaliation to enact in light of the Rotherham disclosure is informational, to awaken the majority of our folk, that includes you, your decisions can help to prevent the ongoing abuse of our children, your inaction is a betrayal.

To tell our people the truth and to motivate, not mere groups to futile, counter productive street protests but to motivate and inspire millions of our folk from this point onwards to think and then act in order to politically avenge the Rotherham victims and to make active, individual organisational efforts to fight against such exploitations of our people, from watching their neighbourhood, reporting suspicious behaviour, looking after fellow members of our folk in order to prevent them from falling victim to Pakistani and other immigrant sex traffickers and rapists.

Ultimately the only political action that is effective and is necessary in the long term is the deportation of these criminality inclined groups and the halting of their current self-importation through open doors mass immigration.

This one article will raise more awareness and information than all of the counter productive street protests combined, telling our folk the un-restrained truth is the primary avenue to awaken our folk to be able to force our political system to respond to our ethnic interests, which is necessary to prevent abuses of our people from continuing to occur. In negative contrast to this effective ideal course of action: the effect of all the emotively negative street thug image ‘nationalist’ groups who shamefully exploited this atrocity for their own group and ego agenda’s was negative, costing the police over £750,000* to cover just one demonstration, a massive amount of funds that could have been spent on tracking the Pakistani criminals and increasing the police presence in Rotherham or Sheffield alike.

*The South Yorkshire Police force has one overall budget, a budget that the false-nationalist protests have no doubt drained, instead those who claim to be ‘patriots’ have in reality played right into the hands of the media and wasted police time and manpower whilst simultaneously achieving nothing, in their non-effect and negative effects they, like the rest of the far-left political establishment are complicit in the continued prevention of the alleviation of the continued suffering of thousands of English girls who remain enslaved, undetected and entrapped due to the distractions the police have been forced to deal with at this crucial time, when all of the Pakistani criminals will likely be moving their exploitation operations elsewhere, when they could easily have been intercepted by the police if only the police were not busy expending £750,000 on unrelated patrolling costs.

Rotherham is the line in the sand, will you let those foreign elements who wish to exploit and defile our beloved folk cross it, no matter what guise they take?

Expose the truth demonstrated by Rotherham to everyone you know, fight back informationally, read the reality of the cause and consequences of the Rotherham abuse here, arm yourself with this information and email distribute it to all those who need to be awakened.

You need to take a moment to sit back and reflect at the sheer horror of the atrocities that have been committed and that are ongoing, including the infuriating cover-up attempt, you have to feel what has happened, really feel it in your heart, I implore you to think for a moment from the perspective of the victims, who are of our folk.

What would they want us to do? What would their parents want us to do?

The answer: to make sure that this can never happen again, not only that the Pakistani and other immigrant criminals should be ruthlessly punished and deported but also that future generations, other peoples daughters, even your own, or your relatives are not subjected to the same racially motivated exploitation and torture by Asians and other non-European immigrants.

To avenge the tears of the daughters of England we must secure a future that is safe for our daughters and all our children, from Sheffield and Göteborg to Stockholm and Berlin, that we secure for our children a worthy and noble future, a future worth living, free from suffering at the hands of numerically increasing oppressive foreign groups.

To avenge the suffering of our folk in the present we must secure a future re-imbued with the ancient spirit of our natural civilizations, from the time when our people were truly free, in spirit, body and politics.

A future where our folk are imbued with the spirits of our Gods and Goddesses, where our daughters are held high as the Goddesses they are.

I present to you the above information, the truth, including the download link to the most recent report in its entirety that caused the unstoppable national release of the ongoing atrocities, for all the sons and daughters of our folk afflicted, victimized and killed alike by those opposed to our very existence and those who would cover up these realities, fight back against them, by awakening everyone you can, for our people’s sake, to avenge the violated children of England, Sweden and all our lands that have been subject to this same onslaught of non-European immigrants and their degenerate degradations of our peoples lives and even bodies.

For the daughters of Rotherham (the overflow town for Sheffield) and Stockholm (especially its suburbs) alike, for their parents and friends sake, let this uncompromisingly truthful information reign far and wide as the anti-European racists scramble and proclaim they are “shocked” and horrified when in reality behind closed doors, the only thing they are shocked at is the fact that the truth has been revealed in relation to Rotherham, and Rotherham is only the beginning and by the time that the wider truth has been revealed our folk will have the information they require to motivate them to retake our nation and to safeguard our ethnic lands, this will be the final chapter in the beginning phase of the end of our Semitic dominated, Marxist infiltrated and shamefully negligent governments.

For we are in an information war, an information war to awaken our folk and ourselves to inspired action, so that together we can declare this is the final line in the sand, only yourself as a part of the majority of our folk are capable of enforcing this solemn pledge of universal defence of our people, through a political and societal earthquake, a general political, spiritual and cultural uprising.

For our people’s sake .

For our people’s lives .

For our daughters and their tears.

Rise now and distribute this truth, only with the majority of our folk awakened, will the ongoing atrocities be prevented, anything less is futile, I for one will not let the tears of the daughters of England nor Sweden rain in futility, each and every last tear shall be answered, you must help to awaken our folk to this folkish defence effort.

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