Saturday, 30 August 2014

Judaism is a Satanic Power!

Today I want to speak to my fellow National Socialists, who are, and always will be required to be, active fighters. The most noble and courageous fighters, have always remained in the minority of the people, and not as majority. Much more will be asked of you in the future. As Hitler once said, for you and me the mere term "I believe" is not enough, we most swear a sacred oath which is: "I fight."

70 years ago we National Socialists were laughed at and scorned. Soon our opponents will be laughing on the other side of their faces! A community of believers has come into being which will slowly overcome the absurd prejudices about class and social status. A community of believers who are determined to take up the struggle to preserve our race, not because they are from Sweden or Germany, or Europe or America, not because they are Catholics or Protestants, workers or civil servants, middle class citizens or salaried employees and so forth, but because they are all European-Aryan.

From this feeling that an inseparable bonds unites them all has grown a sense of mutual respect, and from this respect has come understanding and from that understanding the tremendous power which moves us all.

This is why we National Socialists march forward to each new year with the sole commitment that the next day we will resume our efforts to achieve the reorganization of our body politic. For we are not fighting for seats in parliament or cabinet appointments; we are fighting on behalf of our fellow comrades in Volk, the European-Aryan Volk, whom we want to, whom we shall, reunite in an inseparable community with a common destiny.

The Almighty who has allowed the spirit of National Socialism to remain in the subconscious of the people, will also permit our Volk to form the nucleus from which will grow a new world. We believe in our Volk. It is for this Volk that we are fighting, and, like thousands of fellow European-Aryans before us, it is to this Volk that we are ready, if called upon, to dedicate ourselves with body and soul.

Do not fool yourself. Be afraid, the enemy is strong, terribly strong. Fear is necessary in order to evolve from the decades of degeneration, and wake up from the slumber of lies and deceit. That in itself is an amazing feeling, when you gain a second perception, when you can feel your moral instincts calling on you. That is national socialism. Yes, be afraid, but have hope, we have the strongest ally in the world. It's still sleeping, still slumbering, but one day not too far away from this day, it will awake, the European-Aryan race will awake and National Socialism will spur from within their hearts one more time, and it will remain there until their bodies turns to dust.

For us there are only two possibilities: either our Volk remains or we come under the thumb of the Jews. This latter must not occur; even if we are small, we are a force. A well organized group can conquer a strong enemy. If we stick close together and keep bringing in new people, we will be victorious over the Jews.

If the Volk does its duty, the day must come when once again we shall have a Reich with honor and freedom, work and bread!

May you live a long and happy life, dedicated to the only thing that matters, our Volk. Always ask yourself if you're doing enough, always strive for perfection, always strive to act in accordance to honor, decency and loyalty.

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