Saturday, 14 February 2015

Possibly Adolf Hitler's Greatest Speech to his German Youth

The Chancellor of the Reich, Adolf Hitler [Der Reichskanzler] Speaks - My German Youth, after a year, I can greet you here again. You are here today in this place a cross section of what is around us in the whole of Germany. And we know that you German boys and girls are taking on everything we hope for Germany. We want to be one people. And you, my youth, are to be this people. We want to see no more class divisions. You must not let this [spirit] grow up amongst you. We want to see one Reich one day. And you must train for it. We want our people to be obedient. And you must practice obedience. We want our people to love peace, but also to be brave. And you must be peace-loving. [interrupted by loud cheering] And so you must be peace-loving and courageous at the same time. We want our people to remain strong. It will be hard, and you must steel yourselves for it in your youth. You must learn to suffer privation without crumbling once. And whatever we create today, whatever we do, we will die, but Germany will live on in you. And when there is nothing left of us then you must hold in your fists the flags that we hoisted out of nothing. [drums and cheering] And I know this cannot be otherwise. Because you are the flesh of our flesh, and the blood of our blood. And in your young heads burns the same spirit that rules [governs, guides] us. You cannot be other than united with us. And when the great columns of our movement march triumphantly through Germany today, I know you will join the columns. And we know [drums and cheering] Before us lies Germany! in us marches Germany! and behind us comes Germany! (or a little closer to modern English, before us lies Germany, in us Germany is marching, and behind us Germany is following)


  1. Thank You! It's about time we all spent more time focusing on this!

    1. Yes very Much appreciated im going to do exactly that !

  2. We must always carry his legacy forward, without this, we are doomed.