Wednesday, 19 August 2015

David Duke Debates Alex Jones (8-18-15)

Watched this last night Alex Jones official YouTube channel posted only a 13 minute clip, out of 2 hours so Here is the Full Version Dr Duke also went on the Rense Radio show afer talking about what occured the reason they had him on was to try and do a hit piece on him and make him look like a racist KKK Member which simply is not the Case When Jones failed he tried to Delete this Video and put up a 15 min clip Jones is finished and so are the Jews but they are the Only ones that dont seem to realize it

 You did Brilliant Dr Duke have to hand it to you there you didnt let Anger get the better of you and kept your composure and said what needed to be said i hope this spreads far and wide well done !

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  1. I understand that Jones and his jew wife have now divorced. I guess that jew financing of his site will now stop. I hope he goes down the god damn drain as the fat, trashy jew ass kissing lover he always was.