Friday, 23 January 2015

Birmingham UK a Cess Pit of Filth and Depravity !

When i was growing up back in the 90s i seen that Birmingham UK was flooded with Heroin i seen it take out nearly a whole generation of white teens there were 12 year olds smoking it thats how they start out,

only the strong that resisted trying it survived i am one of them that always said No some of them committed suicide because they couldnt get off it others went onto methadone to get clean but its got worse and worse they can buy a £3 bag of heroin now on virtually any corner ive been told the pakistanis sell the best heroin and the Blacks sell the best Crack

its Chemical warfare on our people they dont touch it themselves just sell it to White people kids that are not wise enough to not try, its just Evil and Nothing is being done about it its just increased with open boarders the addicts are all

"white people"

Why are they doing this its because life prospects are so low they were doing this in Germany before Hitler was elected the cities over here have become cess pits of filth and depravity it never used to be like this when it was all white we built the place ffs the irish and Brits built all the roads and housing the Infrastructure !!!

This Documentary invites the audience to see the harsh reality of 'street injecting' drug users in the UK's second city Birmingham. The presenter Philippe Bonnet explores this subject by interviewing outreach workers, health care professionals and current and ex drug-users. The film shows how other countries around the world have found a solution to this and as a result have reduced harms and costs associated with this phenomenon and ultimately helped drug users access treatment and begin their recovery

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