Sunday, 25 January 2015

Are the Jews Demons ?

Seen this Money Supermarket Add on the TV when i went to my aunts for Dinner today and they just keep repeating it about 100 times a day kids are watching this Sick parents allowing their Children to be inducted into Satanism and Witchcraft with things like Harry Potter etc!!!

"Everything the Jews do and promote is Demonic why because they are Demons themselves reincarnated like the evil ones the Bible mentions" everything they show on TV is Demonic

They say we are Haters and Anti ourselves (semites) and should be more tolerant No what we are is Haters of Evil we find it repulsive and disgusting because we are the opposite of them !!!

Money Supermarket is Jewish of course and i dont even need to look that up i just know and they had the evil Witch Jew Sharon Osbourne at the end they always Praise Jews and things Jewish in Everything
and they encourage & Program your Children to Race Mix with Subliminal Programming 

They Commit all this evil on us then wonder why we kick them out when we just cant take anymore ?


  1. Hi mate, take care with your blog, the kikes have deleted my blog of five years last night for HATE violation. The bastards did the same to John years back and binned around ten years or work. X1V

  2. Yeah i remember when that happened i encouraged John to set up a New one LOL

    they took my blog down last year the JWO

    i dont care ill set up another one if they do they are the Haters Not us

  3. I suggest copying over all your articles to Word Docs and store them. I left Google Blog because they deleted my posting of The Eternal Jew Youtube video for hate mongering. I took everything over to my Wordpress Account. They don't seem to care what you say.

  4. League of the South is largely two seedline now. If you're still active I hope you'll join us.

  5. I had 2 blogs on WP under another name: Hidden in Plain Site- exposing the jews;; and Stand or Die about the jews push for race mixing. Both were deleted after the jew temple shooting. Watch your step.